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Daly Exercise+ Subscription Features

Our Free app version allows users to access one piece of video content per section. You can create your classroom, add your students and use our tailored Home Workouts to send them homework.

The paid version (covering the full school year) allows access to over 300 pieces of video content covering the PE curriculum and movement breaks. You can assign this content to your schedule allowing you to setup your PE week with ease. You also get access to our full range of exercises and workouts, allowing you to create your own home workout for your students.

Daly Exercise+ Subscription Cost

Individual Teacher Subscription: €74.99 per year or €9.99 per month.

School Subscription: €74.99 per teacher per year.

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How to Setup a Teacher Subscription

  1. Enter your Email Address & Password below
  2. Enter your School’s Details
  3. Select 1 Subscription
  4. Choose to pay Monthly or Yearly
  5. Enter your Payment Details
  6. Assign your Email Address to the Code provided
  7. Log in using that Email Address and Password

How to Setup a School Subscription

  1. Enter your Admin Email Address & Password Below
  2. Enter your School’s Details
  3. Select the number of Teachers
  4. Enter your Payment Details
  5. Assign your Teacher’s Email Addresses to the codes provided
  6. Teacher’s will Receive a Confirmation Email & Temporary Password
  7. Log in using that Email Address and Temporary Password

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